Board of Selectmen

The Machias board of selectman is made up of five members serving alternating terms of three years each.

The selectmen are responsible for the development of ordinances, policies, and procedures to ensure the safe and responsible operation of local government.  In addition, the board works with the town manager in the development of economic opportunities to provide job growth.  Another primary focus is developing a cost effective budget for the necessary town operations while maintaining a stable tax rate for our citizens.  Residents are encouraged to contact their selectman with any suggestions or concerns they may have.

All registered voters are encouraged to cast their vote at the election and to attend the annual town meeting held each year in June.

The Board of Selectmen meets monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

Chairman – Aubrey Carter

aubrey-carterTerm expires 2017
Email: or

Vice Chairman – Warren Gay

warren-gayTerm expires 2019

Dr. F. James Whalen

james-whalenTerm expires 2017

Josh Rolfe

josh-rolfeTerm expires 2018

Leslie Haynes

leslie-haynesTerm expires: 2018

Recording Secretary – Cathy Lord


Agendas and Meeting Minutes