Machias Valley Airport

Machias Valley Airport (FAA Identifier=MVM)

Located at:
52 Airport Road
Machias, ME 04654

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 418
Machias,  ME 04654
Phone: 207-255-6621




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Mission Statement

The Machias Valley Airport’s mission is to safely and efficiently provide aerial access to the Town of Machias and Washington County, Maine, as well as provide access to the national air transportation network.  The Airport is operated and maintained in a professional, responsible, and businesslike manner while serving the transportation interests of all the citizens of Machias and Washington County.  The airport also promotes commercial, economic, and industrial development in the Town.  The Town of Machias will plan, develop, operate, and maintain airport facilities that meet or exceed federal and state standards.

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General Information

airportThe Machias Valley Airport is owned and operated by the Town, and it is a public use facility (i.e. does not require prior permission to takeoff or land there).  The Town Manager is the airport manager.  There is no fixed operator at the airport and no commercial tenants.  There is an active airport group, anchored by the local squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.

The Airport is situated on 30+/- acres in the Town of Machias, ME at an elevation of 96 feet above mean sea-level.   It has one runway designed 18/36 with an asphalt surface measuring 2,909 by 60 feet.  The Machias facility has no tower and a short, 2,900 foot runway that can only accommodate single-engine aircraft.   Helicopters operate at MVM although there is no designated helipad at the airport, nor specific approach-departure routes for helicopters.

airportmapMachias Valley Airport has a Unicom advisory radio frequency (122.8 MHz) that allows pilots to self-announce their position and intentions, and also to turn on the runway lights.


Machias Valley Airport (MVM) is classified by the FAA and Maine DOT as a general aviation airport and does not have any scheduled airline service.

Airport PCI Listing

Runway Improvements

Cracked runway sealing project was completed in the fall of 2015.

Natural Resource Survey

Completed in January 2012

The survey was conducted on the approximately 70 acre property. The purpose of the natural resources survey was to identify wetlands, streams, and wildlife habitat.

The Machias Valley Airport is located south of the Machias River.  The airport is bordered by U.S. Route 1 and associated residential properties to the south and the Machias River to the North.  The land around the runway is undeveloped with areas of blueberry barren, mature forest, and abandoned pastureland.  The southern portion of the property drains southwesterly into a small network of streams.  The northern portion of the property slopes towards the river.  Soil onsite vary considerably, consisting of areas of deep organic matter over marine parent material to loamy till parent materials.  Silt loam and fine sandy loam textured soils are common throughout the site as well.

The survey identified 12 jurisdictional wetlands totaling approximately 11 acres.   The vernal pool survey identified 3 vernal pools.  None of the pools appear to be jurisdictional at the state level.

Run way Information

Dimensions: 2909 x 60 ft. / 887 x 18 m
Surface: asphalt, in fair condition
Weight bearing capacity: Single wheel: 12.5
Runway edge lights: medium intensity
Runway edge markings: RY MARKINGS FADED.
Latitude: 44-42.406855N 44-41.966287N
Longitude: 067-28.847160W 067-28.584680W
Elevation: 96.0 ft. 70.3 ft.
Gradient: 0.9% DOWN 0.9% UP
Traffic pattern: left left
Runway heading: 176 magnetic, 157 true 356 magnetic, 337 true
Markings: nonprecision, in fair condition nonprecision, in fair condition
Runway end identifier lights: no yes
Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, no lights