Appointed Officials – Town of Machias, Maine

Town Manager, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Welfare Director, Harbormaster, Road Commissioner

Christina Therrien

Town Clerk, Registrar of Voters, Deputy Tax Collector, Municipal Vehicle Agent

Sandra N. Clifton

Deputy Treasurer, Finance Director

Meghan G. Dennison

Administrative Assistant, Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Registrar of Voters

Jane C. Foss

Tax Assessor

J. Douglas Guy III, CMA

Code Enforcement Officer

Betsy Fitzgerald

Licensed Plumbing Inspector

Betsy Fitzgerald

Emergency Management Director

Joey Dennison

Health Officer

Christina Therrien

Municipal Physicians

Dr. David Rioux
Dr. John Gaddis

Animal Control Officer

Tony Wood

Board of Selectmen Secretary, Planning Board Secretary

Catherine Lord

Planning Board

Bill Thompson, Chairman –
Term expires 2017
David Barker –  Term expires 2018
Edward Pellon  – Term expires 2019
Arthur McCurdy –  Term expires 2019
Joseph Gurney –  Term expires 2020
Julie Barker ,Alternate – Term expires 2018