Machias Fire Department

firetruckPhone: 207-255-4424

Located at:
25 McDonald Drive
Machias, ME 04654

Mailing Address:
PO Box 418
Machias, ME 04654


The members of the Machias Fire Department take pride in protecting the life and property of the Town of Machias, and providing mutal aid to the surrounding communities of Marshfield, Machiasport, Jonesboro and East Machias.  The Machias Fire Department also provides contractual services aid and assistance to the towns of Northfield and Whitneyville.

The Fire Department is always looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please send a letter of intent to Joey Dennison, Fire Chief at the Machias Town office or you may call 207-255-4424 to learn more about these opportunities. Sample Letter of Intent.

Fire Chief – Joey R. Dennison


  • 1st Assistant Chief – Daniel Bowker
  • 2nd Assistant Chief –Joseph Thompson Sr.
  • Captain – Andrew McKenna
  • Captain – Andrew Mulholland
  • Lieutenant – Brittney White
  • Lieutenant – Brandon Merrill


  • Tyler Wagner
  • Brandon Merrill
  • Ryan Maker


  • Dennis Bowker
  • Nick Cianciola
  • Grant Hanscom
  • Colby Ross – Communications/IT
  • Chris VanOrmer
  • Donald Cole
  • William Kitchen
  • Catherine (Cat) Cannon
  • Stephen Simmons
  • Clifford Strout
  • Jacob Hanscom
  • Becky Lee
  • David Cisneros
  • Joseph T. Thompson, Jr.
  • Vidar Zay
  • Erica Walsh
  • Phil Roberts – Photographer

Safety Officer

  • Andrew McKenna


  • Les Haynes

Machias Fire Department 2016 – 2017

Dear Neighbors,

This past year has been an exceptionally dynamic one for the Machias Fire Department as we experienced significant growth in ranks, the employment of new equipment, the addition of a new public services building, and a continuing increase in training hours, the majority of which were voluntary.

It was also a challenging one, as we responded to 136 emergency calls.

In addition to the emergencies, the Department handled over 1,000 inquiries and complaints, issued over 200 burn permits, and proudly participated in numerous parades, team escorts, school visits, fireworks display, and town-wide special events.

We also continued to provide mutual aid to the surrounding communities of Marshfield, Machiasport, Jonesboro/Roque Bluffs, and East Machias, while providing contractual service aid and assistance to Northfield and Whitneyville.

Your department is made up almost entirely of volunteers, all on-call, 24/7 and year-round. Your station however, is manned round-the-clock, with a paid, on-premise and on-demand firefighter whose primary purpose is to “put boots in a truck” and be on their way with equipment, in seconds. And sometimes, saving a life, a structure, or even memories, comes down to seconds.

On another positive note, while an increasing number of fire departments in the state and
nationally are struggling to attract new firefighters, through the efforts of seasoned veterans and our in-station guys, we’ve added nine new, young recruits; the most in years and a net increase to the roster of over 30%. I think it’s also worth noting that we now have four women firefighters — twice the national average.

Machias’ first-ever ladder truck, which was purchased last year entirely with funds raised by your firefighters, has had multiple events in service, both real and training. From the structure fire on Elm Street to a 5-story rescue drill at a UMM dorm, the ladder truck has already proven a sound investment in combatting fires, and improving the safety of our firefighters.

We also added a new 2,400 square foot public safety building just behind the existing fire/
ambulance/police public safety building, to keep the ladder truck both protected and plugged in.

This also enabled us to open up space in the existing building, providing room and weather protection for another ambulance, and both police cruisers.

The safety of our firefighters is my first priority, and the key to that is training. In addition to the mandatory trainings, drills, inspections, and exams that the state requires, this past year we completed over 1,500 man-hours of voluntary training. One of my primary goals is to have the majority of our roster SCBA-certified, meaning they are cleared to wear oxygen tanks and masks, which is increasingly important to fighting fires safely, inside and outside. The class of our most recent recruits are well on their way.

We also upped our number of “requested burn” events, which provide not just a service to the property owner and/or the town, but also creates a unique, controlled, live-fire training exercise for the department. Additionally, we train with and/or support the Machias Ambulance team and the Machias Police, our neighboring fire departments, Cutler Navy FD, the Maine Forest Service, Maine Warden Service, Emera, The Red Cross, UMM, Maine Wild, the Machias Veterans Home, DownEast Community Hospital, and our area assisted-living residences.

Safety equipment, turnout gear, and training is expensive and has become more critical as
advances in consumer technology, goods, and materials make car fires and extrications more complex, and structure fires hotter faster, and more toxic. Each year we bolster the funds we receive with our own volunteer fundraising efforts, and last year was no exception. We continued our annual “Dough Boy” service at the Blueberry Festival and Black Fly Ball, will be at Margaretta Days, and have a couple of other events planned including a car wash. We thank you for your support.

Finally, pride and a love of our community is why we do what we do. From safety training in our schools to shepherding our community events to fighting fires, we are committed to serving you.

This team is the perfect mix of seasoned veterans and new, able-bodied recruits, and thiscoming year promises to be an exciting one.

I would like to thank the Residents, Selectmen, Town Manager, and the men and women of the Machias Fire Department for their ongoing support, and for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve as Fire Chief for the Town of Machias and assisting the surrounding communities.

We love what we do.

Respectfully submitted,
Joey R. Dennison
Machias Fire Chief

PS: We also saved three pets.