Machias Police Department

Located at:
25 McDonald Drive
Machias, ME 04654

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 418
Machias,  ME 04654

Phone: 207-255-8558

Machias Police department can be found on Facebook at:

The Machias Police Department is committed to providing a safe community for residents and visitors alike. The department is led by Chief Grady Dwelley who is a veteran law enforcement officer.

The Machias Police Department is currently accepting applications for employment.  Please see our Home/ Employment Opportunities page for details.

Chief – Grady Dwelley

Phone: 255-8558

Regular Officers

  • Sergeant Wade Walker
  • Wayne Robbins

Reserve Officers

  • William Sternbergh
  • Richard Moore Jr.
  • Robert “Wayde” Carter
  • Darrel Hinerman
  • Alan Curtis
  • Christy Verburgt


Once again it is the time of year to report to you, the citizens of Machias. The members of the  Machias Police Department have been able to provide 24 hour 7 days a week coverage, once  again despite a manpower shortage. Overtime and dedicated reserve officers have made this  possible and allowed us to once again remain within our budget.Drug usage and drug overdoses are again taking a great toll on our resources and on the members  of many families.

I would like to tell the community that we, as a police department, have presented 15 drug
related cases to the District Attorney’s Office within the last year. We have also presented 17  cases of operating under the influence cases, both alcohol and drugs. Each of these drug cases  involves at least 20 man hours to investigate, prepare and edit to make sure the best case has  been developed. At least one of these case required in the vicinity of 300 hours. Once the case is  in the hands of the District Attorney we may be directed to obtain more information before that  office will prosecute the case.

Information from the public is needed, solicited, and appreciated. However, information has to  be verified, especially when the person giving the information wishes to remain anonymous.  That is understandable but also places a duty on the department to insure that the information is  valid, fresh and obtained lawfully. Please remember we, the department, are one of three pieces  to the prosecution team. There is the District Attorney’s Office and the Court that remain in the  circle.

On the positive side the Machias Police Department projected clearance rate for 2015 is
approximately 40%. The clearance rate for assaults is 66.7%, Burglary 46.7%, Theft 29%. 75%  of property stolen, by dollar value, was recovered in 2015. $31, 344.00 stolen with $23,641.00  recovered.

Once again I would thank the Machias Police Department members, citizens, Board of
Selectmen and the Town Manager for your support in our effort to provide as high a level of  service as possible.

Grady Dwelley, Chief of Police